Tim Key


Hi Tim. Knock2bag is 10 years old! What did you bury in the #k2btenyeartimecapsule way back in 2007? (It’s a made up time capsule and we’ve committed to the hashtag)

Shall we say a small notepad full of short poems written in red biro?

Okay sure!

How has your comedy changed in the last ten years?

I used to have one pint before I went on and then read out shopping lists and not know what I was doing. Now I have two pints before I go on stage and some of the innocence has dropped away but I’m still clueless so it’s just about worth watching.

Provided we make it to THE FUTURE, what do you think we’ll be laughing at in 2027?

I think I’ll probably still be laughing at everyone involved in The Day Today at that stage. They seem to be getting better and better one way or the other. I’ll always laugh at Brian Gittins. And Daniel Kitson will keep plugging away.

Which comedians are your top picks for 2017?

wardI saw Tom Ward for the first time last week. Smitten. Also the great John Kearns goes from strength to strength.

Thanks for doing our birthday show – anything special planned?

Doubt it. I imagine I’ll just try and remain professional, but underneath I’ll be an emotional wreck. I’m always a disaster when a company celebrates a significant anniversary.


What’s your weirdest/most memorable gig to date?

I did one to some billionaires in a drawing room once. I think just under half of them were called Oscar. Joe Wilkinson did a great job of warming them up, but I wouldn’t say they were putty in my hands per se. Afterwards we were put up in a little cottage and licked our wounds whilst drinking pints of champagne and Becks. Not that interesting a story actually, now I read it back. Might stop telling it as an anecdote.

Is there one routine/gag you love(d), that audiences didn’t?

I imagine there’s more than one. Sometimes you have to plug away until people get on board. You can’t expect everyone to be cockahoop about some bit of unrhyming faeces about a man who’s eating a fire exit sign immediately. I find my audiences have been remarkably generous over the years.

As it’s our birthday please can you share a treasured K2B memory with us?

I did a gig there in May right before I had to go to Asia for four and half months. I do remember feeling quite sentimental on stage. Like I was spending a final stolen night with a lover before setting off for war. Not that I was aroused. Just felt the love for one last time before plunging into the unknown.

What are you ten favourite Russian words? 





Poidjem zigzagami

Yolki polki





We asked this question like we also had “10 favourite Russian words” and but we were to lazy to ask Tim to translate them. So we used google. 

Potom – Later 

Davai – In Bulgarian Davai means “Come on”

Malodets – Well Done! 

Devushka – Girl

Poidjem zigzagami – Let’s go zigzagging 

Yolki polki – Christmas Trees Shelves 

Kaifovat’ – There is a chance this is a made up one.

Domoi – This is Japanese for Co-ordination

Begomot – Hippo?

Slon – Elephant?

Finally,  please could you compose us a 10 word poem. We’ve come up with a name for it: DECA-VERSE?


Gave me some £120

And I recited my garbage.

Thank you, goodbye.x

Come and see Tim recite his garbage on May 13th at our 10 year party. Tickets here